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ManiPen - Ultra Thin Curve Manicure Marker

ManiPen - Ultra Thin Curve Manicure Marker

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  • Our Ultra Thin Curve Manicure Marker set contains 10 - 24 elegant colors, are suitable for drawing different patterns on the tips of nails and making various decorations, such as flower, abstract lines, geometric patterns and so on; They are also very applicable for dotting nail powder and flakes.

    12-24 variety of colors for you to choose, the combination of different colors can help you create unique and diverse styles of nail art.

    Designed with ultra-fine tips for added versatility. This pen will help you to make a precise line just where it is needed.


    High-quality formula, fast-drying and water-proof. The fine tip of pen is delicate, perfect for drawing lines on nail, it can also help you apply nail powder or sequins. And the nail pen pigment is smooth and not easy to fade, it is very suitable for embellish and graffiti on nail tips. 

    Very suitable for family nail DIY and nail lovers, can be applied on gel nail polish, natural nails, acrylic nails and false nails. It's the perfect gift for girls and women.

    Key Benefits

    ✅ Ultra-Thin Tip - The ultra-thin tip of the ManiPen is perfect for creating intricate designs, making it great for nail art. You can experiment with different lines, shapes, and even calligraphy.

    ✅ Fast-Drying Marker - The fast-drying formula of the ManiPen ensures that your nail art designs will be smudge-proof and long-lasting. This way, you won't have to waste hours of your time lounging around waiting for your nails to dry.

    ✅ Vibrant Colors - Equipped with vibrant colors to choose from, the ManiPen lets you create endless nail art designs and express your creativity. You can even mix and match colors on every single nail.

    ✅ Versatile Use - These amazing nail markers can be used on natural, acrylic, gel, and even toenails. This makes the ManiPen a versatile tool for any nail art enthusiast.
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